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Below is the contact information for Association of Former Pentecostals. Please read the following information before sending your correspondence.

What type of correspondence is appropriate to send to your addresses?

All comments, compliments, and complaints are welcome! Please make sure that all correspondence is written in a legible and professional manner.

What type of correspondence is inappropriate?

Any correspondence that can be classified as bigotry against social, ethnic, or gender groups, that can be classified as hate mail, or harassment is inappropriate to send through any of our modes of communication. All correspondence that breaks federal communications laws will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities, along with the original email/"snail mail," and the ISP numbers or addresses of the offending party.

Will you respond to my correspondence?

All correspondence is deeply appreciated, and every effort is made to respond to private email. However, due to time constraints, we cannot guarantee that every message will be replied to, but we continue to encourage all comments about our services! We're here to serve you!

CAUTION: E-mails that are simply condemnations of our services will never be replied to. We've heard it all before, and replying to such is a waste of our time.

Can I call you?

No. Currently, we do not accept phone calls. Please use "written" forms of communication.

How do we correspond with you?

There are many ways! If you are seeking conversations with like-minded individuals, we encourage you to join our exciting forums. Check out our forums page for more information.

If you want to comment about our services in general, or wish to privately correspond with anyone, use the following addresses:


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