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Pentecostals in the News*
Charismatics on Columbia
On their fateful voyage home, 7 astronauts died Saturday as the Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart after re-entry into the atmosphere.  Two crew members aboard that flight were also members of a Charismatic church on the outskirts of Houston, Grace Community Church – a congregation in the Clear Lake suburb south of the metro area, close to NASA’s Johnson Space Center complex.  Sunday, this congregation held a memorial service in honor of their fellow worshippers: Rick Husband (shuttle commander), and Michael Anderson (payload commander), according to a report by Charisma News Service.
In other news. . .
Pentecostal in the Park
The last year has been a newsmaker for the largest "Oneness" organization in the Pentecostal movement. Reports from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch early this month continue this trend within the United Pentecostal Church, albeit in a more scandalous fashion.
The newspaper reported that Rev. Ronald Oree Nation was recently arrested after propositioning a male officer in a public park. This happened during a sweep where 11 men were arrested after neighborhood citizens complained of men using the park for sex. He could face up to a year in jail and $1,000 in fines. Rev. Nation is a top official in the UPCI – serving as Sunday School Director for the entire organization, and holding various top posts within the group for the last 20 years. His office was in the church’s World Evangelism Center, their headquarters in Hazelwood, Missouri.
Spokespersons for the group have stated that he was slated for retirement in February, while others said he would not be welcome back regardless of the outcome, and have hinted at revoking his ministerial license. 
Information for this report was forwarded by a reader!
Anglicans Oust Charismatic Priest
Many churches and organizations within mainstream and orthodox Christianity have tolerated the "Charismatic" practices that have influenced many of their congregations in hopes that this would stem the exodus of people leaving for these more "energetic" churches. One church in England, however, had enough of these "happy-clappy" services, and had their priest removed for bringing in the "Pentecostal" themes.
The congregation at St. Bartholomew's in Horley, Surrey had endured the changes made when Rev. Peter May became their pastor seven years ago. Although this "modernization" did boost attendance and lower the median age, eventually it ran off many of the regulars. It became apparent soon after his arrival that his preferential style of worship would not be optional, nor only contained to one particular worship service. He dismissed the choir of this 14th Century church, tore down the choir stalls, and rebuked anyone who criticized his moves, asking them to "repent," according to a web report by The Telegraph (telegraph.co.uk).
After several complaints from parishioners to the Bishop of that diocese, Rev. May quit. It is unclear whether he did so under pressure from the Bishop, or if he did so on his own accord.
Pastor Charged with Murder
In a morbid report by the Kansas City Star and Charisma News Service, a Pentecostal minister and his wife have been charged with murdering their adopted son. Neil and Christy Edgar were charged with first-degree felony murder of their nine-year-old son, Brian Edgar, who suffocated after a bizarre disciplinary practice by the parents and a baby-sitter (who has also been charged). The boy was found bound and gagged, with tape across his mouth – a procedure stated to be a method of discipline for children in that church before they are put to bed. Their other children were also found this way, but were unharmed. The parents were separately charged with child abuse in these cases.
The pastor’s organization, the Church of God in Christ, has denied that the church-at-large teaches abuse, or "this sort" of discipline.
Church Says "Yes" to Lotto Tithe
Though most Pentecostal denominations teach that gambling is a sin, the pastor of Abundant Life Church of God in Torrence, California, has decided to turn a blind eye as that church prepares to receive its part of a promised "lottery tithe" from a former parishioner who recently won the $315 million Powerball, according to a New York Times report. Pastor Gerald Abreu has written the whole event off as not teaching him "not to gamble." The winner is splitting his "tithe" to three different local churches.

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So, on February 15th, 2002, "Delivered!" newsletter was unveiled with its first issue. At first, it was only a quarterly, then quickly became a bi-monthly publication. By that fall, we started putting it out monthly, as it is currently published. In January, we changed the name to "XPC Examiner," to reflect its new additional duty as the official "announcer" of changes in our services. Here are a few of the headlining events we were proud to cover this past year:
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A few "letters to the editor" from the past month. Enjoy! (Errors of spelling and grammar are original to the emails)
1) "i am currently in the upc. i still want to get your news letter to see what all the xpcers are saying. my family has been in the upc forever and i would be the first to admit that there things wrong with it , espeecially attitudes, but it sounds like you are bitter". ~M
2) "I just wanted to say that Jesus Loves you and thenks for backing God's will in "Our rapidly expanding faith" Which means that we might be doing something right in order for this unique faith to expand so fast. Anyway I will not lower myself to bash you or anyone within your organization or affilliates but, man, one thing I'm sure about is that the bile does warn in Matthew 24 that we would be persecuted because of Jesus's name. Thanks for backing us up. Your XPC just proves that we (pentecostals) are under God's perfect plan. So go on and keep spreading the word, It just shows how Loud Pentecostals are screaming in Satans ears." ~ JL
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