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Pentecostals in the News *
On December 10 last year, an odd thing happened. On television sets nationwide, the leader of a religious group that teaches the evil of owning and viewing televisions appeared. His presence was not part of a news story about Pentecostals, but as a guest of a talk show. David Letterman was not conducting the interview, but he may as well have been doing so – if one believes the teachings of this minister’s church: the United Pentecostal Church, International.
The preacher in question was also no ordinary bible man of this faith – no renegade from the Affirmation that each UPCI-ordained minister must sign routinely to maintain his license, an Affirmation to uphold the holiness standards of their Church (including the teachings that discourage television ownership). This pastor is one of the most well-known ministers in this organization, and leads one of the most influential state Districts in the United States, and even ran for the highest position of the group last election: the office of General Superintendent. Who is this man? The Reverend T. F. Tenney, District Superintendent of the Louisiana District of the UPCI.
According to an article by Jim Yohe on an Apostolic website, ninetyandnine.com, Tenney and his wife were on  the TBN program, "Praise the Lord," and were interviewed by Matthew Crouch. Tenney was there to sell his new book – apparently an effort to capitalize on the Charismatic fortunes of the family name his son Tommy has made famous. Yohe, an admitted Apostolic, heaped praise on the leader for such a courageous move, mentioning the new rumors that "change is in the air" at the UPCI despite a recent move to maintain the required ministerial Affirmation.
Preacher vs. The Potter
Last November, children around the world scrambled to theaters near them to watch the latest cinematic interpretation of J.K. Rowling’s second novel, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets." As in towns and cities everywhere, the children of Lewiston, Maine were no different. As they stood in line by the hundreds (tickets in one hand and a parent's hand in the next), at least one hundred people were in a hotel lobby across town for a meeting on the same topic, according to a recent article in the Boston Globe.
Oneness Pentecostal preacher Douglas Taylor – and some other community ministers – held a meeting that month to protest the evil message this movie was imprinting on the minds of their town’s youth. Unlike the dozens of Hollywood productions that illustrate violence and drug use, this movie seemed far more dangerous to the minds – and even the souls – of their children. According to Rev. Taylor, this second novel is "an instruction manual for the dark arts."
To protest the book and the movie, the pastors tore a copy of it up at the meeting – though the pastor had unsuccessfully petitioned the city to let him have an old fashioned book-burning instead.
Exorcist Cast Out!
The Rev. Gennaro Joseph Piscopo is used to casting things out – but he may be the one on the "leaving" end if things go against him in court, according to a report in the Detroit News.
Rev. Piscopo is pastor of Evangel Christian Church in Roseville, Michigan, where he allegedly performs "exorcisms" or "deliverances" of demonic influences quite regularly. Two former parishioners have complained that his powers did not deliver them from sexual advances on his part, and he recently had to defend himself in court on charges of sexual misconduct. If found guilty, those seeking refuge from dark forces will have to wait until his own deliverance – which could take up to fifteen years.
A Heretic in Tulsa
In a story we have been following for months; it is now official – the Rev. Carlton Pearson is a heretic! His message of universal inclusion has cost him friendships, a recent political bid, and many members of his congregation at Higher Dimensions Church – a mega-church in that Oklahoma town. Now, it has added this unpopular title to his resume, according to a recent report by Charisma News Service.
In an attempt to salvage any reputation he might have had left within the evangelical and Pentecostal/Charismatic communities, he submitted himself to the discernment of the World Council of Bishops, a large ecumenical body made up of Christian Bishops of differing faiths.
Although being a Charismatic preacher alone might have been enough to turn the stomachs of most traditional Christians, it was this belief that brought down their verdict – that this teaching that "all are saved whether they know it or not" was heretical. Bishop Pearson – himself not a member of this organization – accepts this verdict for his message, and not as a judgement of his person and character. He still believes in his message, stating that this was the original teaching of the early church.
Rhema Expells Pro-life Preacher
Rhema Ministerial Association, International – a large Charismatic organization – has found itself caught between its pro-life beliefs and the sensitivities of the nation at large. Recently, Rev. Mark Holick thought he was doing the Lord’s work protesting outside of a family planning clinic – and found himself losing his ordination with this group. Another minister in the group has protested their action, but Rhema defends itself saying allowing ministers to do such only creates a possibility that the group as a whole would be sued, according to a recent Charisma News Service report.
Woman Seeks Healing; Assaulted
A Cleveland, Ohio woman is suing an area TV faith healer for being assaulted during a healing service. According to the Akron Beacon Journal, which reported the story, Gloria DeFrancesco brought her mother to be healed by Rev. Ernest Angley, and when she approached the platform, they were denied access. Gloria was allegedly assaulted by ministry workers at this point, suffering a detached retina in the process. She is seeking $25,000 in damages.
Apostolics Spared God’s Wrath
The storms that swept the nation last year killed dozens as an early and ugly winter roared into the States. Tennessee, like many other states in the South and across the East Coast, shared its own losses, but one small church in Mossy Grove was saved from death when a tornado ripped their church apart during service.
According to the Nashville Tennessean, the seventy or so worshippers of New Life Apostolic Church hid under the pews when they heard the tornado approaching.
Pastor Anthony Pemberton decided to try a novel approach, and reported to the Tennessean that he told the congregation that "You better start worshiping the Lord now." So, the church did as instructed, and started praying, begging for forgiveness, and pleading for their lives. Though the building was destroyed, none of the worshippers lost their lives. The storm passed over, and killed five other people next door.
Hinn Hits Manchester; 7 injured, 1 death
Chaos broke out when at least 2,000 tried to force their way into a Benny Hinn "crusade" in Manchester, England, recently. The show had been oversold by at least that many tickets, an error that became abundantly clear after 19,000 people showed up at an arena with a 17,000 seating capacity. In the chaos, 7 were injured. Another man – in a separate incident – suffered a fatal heart attack during the event; apparently too sick for the healing powers of the Reverend Benny Hinn.
Death  - Reverend J. Phillip Hogan, 86. Director of Foreign Missions of the Assemblies of God for 30 years; credited with starting the World Assembly of God Fellowship. Source: AOG Online.

As spring approaches, many members of our loose network are hoping that we can become more than just a group of people reminiscing over past experiences. Though most agree that what we do is helpful to many leaving Pentecostalism, a few are hoping we can do more. Some have suggested we start actual support groups, creating literal fellowship groups to help those coming out of these churchs, while others hope we can form a strong organization to also fight the imprisoning doctrines of these faiths and churches.
This is all part of a brainstorming session going on right now. If you’d like to participate, or if you have ideas to share, email me at contact@ex-pentecostals.org for more information.
While we brainstorm and think about new directions, there is plenty of work to be done right now with our projects already in progress. Currently, I spend nearly 10 hours a week (sometimes more) moderating two groups, putting together this newsletter, and periodically updating the website. In order to work on new projects and fully realize existing ones, I really do need more free time to do so. I have mined all the free time I personally have on these projects, and simply cannot add anything more on my platter at the moment.
After some thought, I realized that many of my duties could be divided up and delegated into small, easily digestable tasks – things that anyone with a one or two hours extra a week could handle. These are tasks that could be done at any time, and divided up anyway you could do it. If you only could dedicate 10 minutes a day, or could do it all at 2:00am in the morning on Wednesdays – that would be fine.
These are the volunteer positions I am currently posting. All positions would only require 1-2 hours a week (less, I’m sure, once you get the hang of it).
Newsreader – 2 positions (duties including scouring over online news digests and news lists for items on our former faith. News lists are free internet subscriptions. No cost required)
News Writer – 2 positions (duties including writing – in your own words – stories based on collected news data on our former faiths)
Azusa Street Survivors Group
Moderators/Forum Leaders – 2 additional positions (duties include monitoring daily posts for appropriateness and "invaders," and leading conversations during the "dry spells.")
Pentecostal Debate Group
Moderators – 2 positions. Due to limited data storage on this group, we will soon have to enforce posting limits, limit excessive quoting, and deleting archived posts. I simply do not have time to monitor this group, so help is desperately needed for this group.
Any help welcome! This website is the "mother ship" of all of our services, and desperately needs updating, better planning, and a more professional format, and will be the launch pad for future operations. Anyone with web programming, web design, etc. knowledge would be greatly appreciated for their donated advice and labor.
Non-profit organization
One of the plans we have currently on the table is to create a non-profit organization to realize our goals. Anyone with organizational planning skills, legal advice for all the unimaginable hurdles we will face creating this entity would be greatly appreciated.
REQUIREMENTS: For the newsletter, not much is required specifically for the news reader jobs except determination to complete the small assignments each week. For news writer, it is recommended that you have some experience (or great desire) in writing professionally or creatively.

For the Group Moderator/Forum Leader positions, it is recommended that you have experience moderating online groups, email lists, etc, but this is not required.

For the website and organizational help, it is highly recommended that you forward a resume listing your experiences.

All positions (except for organizational help and advice require internet access). All positions require no cost, and only the time it takes you to learn the processes and apply them to our services.

For more information, or to volunteer, please email me at contact@ex-pentecostals.org or contact@expentecostals.org with the word VOLUNTEER in the subject line. Upon receiving your email, a small questionnaire will be returned to gauge your interest in our network. All such questionnaires are completely confidential.

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