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Former Pentecostals and Ex-Charismatics who have personal web sites, blogs, and other online destinations may submit links to be included as a recriprocal link partner! What is a recriprocal link partner you may ask... to simply term it "we swap links"! and by doing so your site will gain online exposure by being linked to us and vice versa. A win win plan and a way to visually let others know you are proud to have broken away from the Pentecostalism or Charismania realm!

Submit YOUR site now if you are an Ex-Pentecostal or Ex-Charismatic and want to swap links with us! Click here to submit your site link so we can check your site out! And thanks for considering being our recriprocal link partner! Find a banner graphic to use on your site by clicking here.

We refrain the right to review, list and or refuse to list any site or link without need of explanation or reason. All links are listed on a first come first served basis.

Let YOUR voice shine online. In Pentecostalism we were not allowed individualty. For many it takes time to discover who they are, some that time is a short term waiting period, dependant on the amount of abuse and or manipulation experienced. Have you always had different life or political views but had to hold them within or be the odd man out in church and possibly seen or treated as the worst sinner and possibly stood trial and been booted out by the preacher and congregation? Do you have a weblog and don't hold back on your views now? Share it!

Do you have a personal site related to a hobby, family, friends, travel, experiences, new found faith or other related topics that you would like to share since breaking away from the mind control and manipulation? Send the link to us so we can review it and add it!

Let everyone see that we've all moved on and are successfully surviving and conquering life in general and we can be happy once we "unplug" from the mind control. C'mon, what are you waiting for!


Recovering Pentecostal
LawrenceEz's Blog

Your expentecostal, former fundi, former charismatic or former sect member site or blog link here if you want to share and encourage others that there is life and recovery after breaking away!

Communicating across the miles
Join The Discussions!

Experienced something you feel others might not understand? Hard to find someone who gets you and knows what it's like to be an eX-Pentecostal? Join us and let it all hang out. Caring and sharing will help you get through some moments in life so you can push through rough spots and carry on. Lets be survivors and conquerors together! click here

Your Feedback is Valued!

Do you have questions, suggestions or comments that you feel would possibly help you or others have a more pleasant experience while visiting with us online? If so feel free to send us your thoughts, we'd like to hear from you! click here



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